Everybody wants to sing
In the Rock Follies
Do their private little thing
In the Rock Follies
Have to break
Out of their cage
Have their eyes fixed on the stage
So numb they never
Feel the sting in
The Rock
The Rock
The Rock Follies

See them pouring
Down the eyes
With their plastic
Haunted smiles
Women with talent
Women with none
Men selling power
Peddling fun
The managers and bankers
The publishers and wankers
Gramophone producers
Golden disk seducers
Thousands fill the theatre
Thousands hear the call
The stage begins to crumble
It cannot hold them all

Everybody wants to shine
For the Rock Follies
Children who are lost and pine
For the Rock Follies
Cunning madly
Running blind
Feel the fever in the mind
See the crazy
Endless line for
The Rock
The Rock
The Rock Follies


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