The Disputes

Rock Follies was disrupted by two major disputes. One was a dispute over the intellectual rights to the original idea. The other was a pay dispute by some of the Thames TV production team and took Rock Follies off air. See what the press had to say.

Dispute with Rock Bottom

" Fraser and others v Thames Television Ltd and others" - At here's the story about this case with the court rulings -  click here

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Thames TV Dispute

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click 23rd May 1977 - Dispute Hits TV

click 23rd May 1977 - Evening Standard - Row Stops Rock Follies

click 24th May 1977 - Daily Telegraph - Rock Follies stopped by pay dispute

click 25th May 1977 - Daily Mirror - TV Blackout at Pay Row Studio

click 31st May 1977 - The Sun - Follies Fans Hit by TV Row

click 9th June 1977 - Evening News - Rock a Bye Bye Follies at Thames

click 9th June 1977 - The Guardian - Ray of Hope in ITV Dispute That Blacked Out Jubilee

click 10th June 1977 - Daily Telegraph - Strike-hit TV Series Dropped Until Autumn

click 10th June 1977 - The Guardian - TV Row Backed

click 13th June 1977 - Evening Standard - TV Women in Bid to Break Deadlock

click 14th June 1977 - The Journal - Little Ladies in Limbo

click 14th June 1977 - The Times - Formula For Peace in Television Dispute

click 15th June 1977 - The Evening News - TV Girls go Back to Work