The Sounds

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The Clips

The quality of these clips is not brilliant.Good quality equals large files which need a lot of band width. The quality is only that of Radio Luxembourg listened to under the bed covers!! Where I've given two clips I've tried not to make repeats in the clips, the short clip is not included in the longer one.That's it - I hope you enjoy the clips and feel they were worth it.
A quick warning about thae volume - 'Territory' and 'Little Ladies' are much louder - I will sort it out eventually but in the meantime - turn your volume down or RRRRock !!

THE ROCK FOLLIES - ' Everybody want's to sing in the Rock Follies' - the Theme tune for the series.The short clip is of the first music heard when the series opened
short clip                 longer clip
The Rock Follies - short clip                       The Rock Follies - longer clip

       27sec\57Kb            1min 30sec\184Kb

Blueberry Hill - given the Little Ladies treatment.
The Road - longer clip
1min 30secs\186Kb

lladies.gif (105017 bytes) Little Ladies - their 'theme song' but strangely never released on album or single. All three Little Ladies have a chance to sing solo on this one.

The Rock Follies - longer clip Volume warning!!
2min 38sec/325Kb

THE ROAD - 'But it's worth it to feel, all that energy rise,and you keep on reliving those incredible highs, on the road.'
  short clip                   longer clip
The Road - short clip                       The Road - longer clip
    36sec\75Kb      1min 21sec\166Kb

FOLLIES of '77 - "Welcome to the Follies, of '77, do you get the feeling we have only changed the name?"
  short clip                   longer clip
Follies of '77 - short clip                       Follies of '77 - longer clip

     42secs\86Kb         1min 40secs\200Kb

THE BAND WHO WOULDN'T DIE - "And we never gave up dreaming 'cause we're the band who wouldn't die"
  short clip                   longer clip
The Band Who Wouldn't Die - short clip                       The Band Who Wouldn't Die - longer clip

     14secs\31Kb         1min 2 sec\126Kb

territory.jpg (15687 bytes)
From Episode 5 of Rock Follies of '77 - The Divorce. As Anna's paranoia grows she and The Angel face Dee, Q and Rox in a final shoot-out over 'territory' in one of Rock Follies many fantasy scenes.

                            Roll Your Own - Real Audio clip
Volume warning!!
2min 53sec/357Kb

ROLL YOUR OWN - Sung by Dee (Julie Covington) and Rox (Sue Jones Davies). An impromptu jam during a gig with Rox and Rawls.
No short clip this time - just the full thing.

Roll Your Own - Real Audio clip
2mins 41 sec\313Kb

In My Cans - Our three ladies struggle with their 'cans' whilst recording their first record.
In My Cans - Real Audio clip
2mins 51sec\351Kb

follies76.jpg (6363 bytes)

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Follies77.jpg (8464 bytes)

Sleeve Notes

That's all for now - hope you enjoyed them.
More will be added as time allows.

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