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1976 Island ILPS 9362 (LP)

1-Sugar Mountain     lyrics
2-Good Behaviour lyrics
3-Stairway lyrics
4-Daddy lyrics
5-Lamplight lyrics
6-The Road lyrics
7-Glenn Miller Is Missing lyrics
8-Biba Nova lyrics
9-Talking Pictures lyrics
10-Hot Neon lyrics
11-Roller Coaster lyrics
12-Rock Follies lyrics


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1977 Polydor 2302 072 (LP)
3100 387 (Cassette)

1-Follies of '77 lyrics
2-Struttin' Ground lyrics
3-Round 1 lyrics
4-The Hype lyrics
5-Dee's Hype lyrics
6-The Things You Have To Do lyrics
7-The Band That Wouldn't Die lyrics
8-Wolf At The Door lyrics
9-Loose Change lyrics
10-Jubilee lyrics
11-OK? lyrics
12-Real Life lyrics


Island WIP 6293  -  Glenn Miller is Missing / Talking Pictures

Island WIP 6310 - Sugar Mountain / War Brides

From Rock Follies of '77
Polydor 2001 714 - OK? / B.Side     


Little Ladies
The Loony Tunes
You can Roll your own
In My Cans
Street Signs (sung by Stevie Streeter)
The Empire (sung by Kitty Schreiber)
Wonder Woman Frozen Food

(NB. This list is not yet complete)
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